Worshiping the wrong God?

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

I am going to be completely honest and open and real, and well.... what I might have to say may shock you.  I encourage you to read it all before you stop at my title. 

I sometimes worship the wrong god. Yes, I said it.  You heard me right.  Recently God has pointed this out to me.  You see there are these days that I worship and pray to this pathetic being not capable of shaping the world.  He rules from afar. I find myself distant from him. He can't move mountains, and the last thing he would do is answer a prayer.  When I worship this god, I find myself in a mood.  I worry and I stress.  I freak out over the things that a real god would be able to handle.  I let my doubt consume me, and I find myself arguing with this pathetic excuse of a god.  I am filled with lies.  I am trying to figure out plan b, because who knows what this god is going to do.  You see sometimes I worship the wrong god.

Then reality happens and God gently reminds me that I have forgotten who he is.  I read a quote somewhere that said faith begins with Genesis 1:1.  All the faith you will ever need is there.  "In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth."  When you believe that, that my God/ your God made the ENTIRE universe; that he spoke it into existence- you should have faith to believe anything.  I forget this sometimes.  The God I worship can bring dry bones to life.  He can heal the blind, and part the sea.  The God I worship makes cities crumble.  He is Alpha, Omega, Beginning & End.  He is the Great Almighty.  

When I remember who I am actually worshiping, my worries fade.  If God can breath life into the dead, he can restore mine.  If God can part the sea, can't he put in place the things that we need to move ahead?  If he can make a city crumble, why would't he be able to move any obstacle that comes between me and him?  

My God is beautiful and powerful, and I am a conqueror in Him.  My only struggle is remembering that, and not doubting his ability.  God is so much more than I allow him to be, because my own doubts consume me.  When I find myself falling prey to the lies of a wrong god, I go back to true worship.  I hit my knees and through songs and prayer let his Spirit pour through me.  I mediate on verses that renew my spirit.  You see the enemy wants us to believe that God is weak, when in fact he is absolute.  The father of lies fills our head with this god that isn't capable of kick'n his butt, but in reality his but is already kicked.

My God is worthy to be trusted.  My God is loving enough to meet the needs of his children, and my God is defiantly awesome enough to want to be near to me.  He is going to do the impossible, because I know he is God that can.  I know that he walks with us in this journey because my God loves us that much.   Let our prayers be offered up to Him, not some god that we shove in a box.  If you find yourself worrying, you too might ask yourself :  What god are you praying to?

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