One Oar At a Time

Sunday, September 17, 2017

I'm sitting in this boat and I'm rowing.  I'm rowing further and further away from the shore.  It's our past- our current life that we are moving further away from.   I can see all of our friends, our family, our mentors, and co-workers.  I see them all. When our family started this journey, it was like they waved good-bye.  They stood and cheered us on. We began rowing our little boat of faith.  Eventually though those on the shore, they have to go back to their lives. The can't stand and wave at us forever.  We gradually watch more and more people move on as we move out of site, rowing.  We row, pulling and pushing. The waves at times are high and the current is sometimes so strong, but we still are rowing.  Kelly and I can see the next destination and we know without a doubt God has called to this new place and we still are rowing.  RowRowROW!!!  And then a moment like this Sunday happens and I hear God say, "Hand me the oar."

Crazy-- I'm sure that's what some of you think about this journey.  I can remember so clearly the moment that I heard God say it was time to take this crazy journey.  I remember talking to Kelly and us starting this journey together.  I color code it and planned it.  I have charts, and trend lines.  And, I keep rowing.  We have seen GOD move in so many ways as we keep moving further and further away from the life we know.  You see God needed us to faithfully step in the boat.  Stepping into the boat was an act of faith.  He needed Kelly and I to begin to row. Rowing away is yet another act of faith.  And now we are in the middle of this ocean, caught between two worlds.  How do we take our eyes off of the life we know, in exchange for the life of uncertainty

In my mind, I've still remained in control.    Yes, I'm in the boat, but it's our hands on the oars.  It's our hands that are rowing.   You see though growing closer to God is not the result of trying harder, it's the act of surrendering more and more until you have given up all control.  For us type A's this is a hard move-- to quit rowing and hand Him the oars. God moves in such gentle ways.  First calling us to the boat, next asking us to row- but eventually you hear him say to let go and as he asks for total surrender. "Let go of your control, let go of knowing every detail.  Take a rest awhile and hand me the oars.  Let me row this."   

God quietly grows our faith-- moment by moment. Eventually, you will hand him the oars, but maybe today he is just asking you to stand  up and get in the boat.

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