Mommy, was that a beautiful prayer?

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

"Mommy, was that a beautiful prayer?" This has been the question the past week at our home with our daughter, Norah.  How does a mother answer such a question?  It amazes me that even at such a young age of three, she already yearns to please.  She wants to make us happy and even more her Jesus.  He is, of course, her "very best friend."

I assure that her prayer is beautiful, because any time we spend time with Jesus he see's it as beautiful.  Even though she is three, I see her struggle wanting it to be so "right," that sometimes she chooses not to pray.  I think it's something we all struggle with.   We get so wrapped up in the words, that we forget the meaning of prayer.  Prayer was never intended to be proud, winded, and overly eloquent.  Prayer is the love language to our king, to our savior.

Prayer is the very breath we offer him, when we sit in his presence.  It's the tears we pour out over our pain.  It's the anger we cry out when we don't understand.  It's the questions we ask.  The praise we give, the worship we sing.  There is no less of prayer when it's done with a pure heart.  It not the words we try and say, but our hearts being completely humbled before him.

"Yes!, It's a beautiful prayer! Keep praying sister!" He wants to hear from you, to sit with you.  He wants to hear about your day, and hear you say that you love him.  You have him at "Hello...", You have him at his name.  He thinks your beautiful and the words you speak magnify Him.  He is just waiting.... Waiting for you to meet him, waiting for you to pray.

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