So, Shine Bright....

Thursday, September 26, 2019

The Milky Way alone contains between 200 and 400 billion stars that are mostly made up of two things- hydrogen and helium, yet our God calls them out by name. They are designed by a creator and placed perfectly in the universe for us to see and guide our night skies.
And yet there are 7.53 billon people in the world. And each of those human bodies contains approximately 37.2 trillion cells, with 650 muscles, 206 bones, and 11 elements. 90,000 miles of nerves catch every touch, sound, smell, taste, and sight.
Our brains produce enough electricity to fully power a lightbulb. We can distinguish between up to 10 million different colors at any one time and a heart that beats 35 million times a year.
So, if the same God who so carefully crafted the beauty and simplicity of a star, placed them in the night sky, knows them and named them, how much more does he care about you? You that continue to be a living work of wonder and awe, of trillions of pieces working together perfectly timed to breath the life in your lungs. How much more does he love you and watch for you and long for you to shine as bright as the stars you see tonight.
You are loved by a beautiful God. You are created by a purposefully God. You are known by a mighty God. Let that sink in, and today remind yourself, "You are His." So, shine bright!

He counts the stars and calls them all by name. 
Psalms 147:4

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