When we can't see....

Saturday, July 13, 2019

A few weeks ago while heading up the side of a mountain in Guatemala with a Chicken Bus full of kids, the radiator blew. As I stepped off the bus, I knew it was not good (although, I‘m not mechanically inclined) the green stream of anti-freeze flowing down the street, mixed with oil— was a good indication. It was hot, and the kids were ready for camp. We had to call the city for another bus—not an easy task, especially on a mountain side town next to the road. As the time passed, the kids, as kids do, wanted snacks. Lucky for us, we broke down right next to a small bakery. The kids stocked up on fresh bread and homemade popsicles. Time went by and the kids were saddened as the bakery, slowly selling out of everything, eventually closed for the day— but finally our second chicken bus arrived and we were off to start our great camp weekend.
In Acts 16, we read a story about Paul and Silas. They were beaten with rods, flogged, and eventually thrown in prison. Not exactly the “Thank You” they had hoped to receive for casting a demon out of a girl and saving the day. However,—in one of their most difficult moments, what did they do? They sang...they worshipped God, the walls shook and the prison doors flung open! In that moment the guard that was there—fell to his knees and asked, “What must I do to be saved?”
You see, we don’t always know the story on the “other side”.
We don’t know the story—on the other side—of our bad day, our tragic story, or painful experience. We don’t always get to see the joy that God brings to the situation. You see if you’d ask the baker, I’m sure he’d share the story about the day his store sold out of food— where God provided for him and his family and how, just maybe, our broken bus—was his answered prayer. The guard in Acts would always remember the day Paul and Silas were jailed as his best day ever—it’s the day he encountered Jesus, and the first day of New Life for Him.
Our very worst moments, can still be used for God! Our very worst days, can be the answered prayers to another!
We don’t always get to see the goodness, but by Faith we can know it’s there. We can remember the moments when we DO see the other side, to assure us when we can’t! Even in the tragic moments, the moments that stop us on a dime. The call that changes everything—we can know that God will use it, because we’ve seen him do it before and he will do it again. By faith, we know, God is good. The baker is happy, the guard is safe, and God is with us. We can trust him—even when we can’t see!

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