There is only one Son...

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

This morning while I was watching the sunrise, I heard a memory of my son's little voice.  It was several years ago and my son, Zander was in the car as we drove to my college & his daycare.   He was close to three and the cutest little stinker ever.  Still I can see one of God’s most perfect creation sitting in the backseat. His bright little voice talking the whole way at 7 o’clock in the morning.
“Look Mommy! The sun!” He exclaimed.
“Yes, you are right! That is the sun."
The sun had just started to peak up over the horizon. He continue to ramble as we drove further down the road around the curves.

“Another sun!” He began to shout. “Look, mommy”

I looked up and realized that the sun was no longer coming through the windshield but had shifted and now shown in his window. I began to laugh.
“No, honey, God only gave us one sun and we are thankful for that.”
And there was my Godthump. I like to call these moments when you feel like God just thumps you on the head with some big revelation. He only gave us one son! Only one son! How much do these two have in common? Alot actually…. The sun brings life to everything it touches, it takes away the darkness, our whole world revolves around it. I could go on and on. Hmmm… sounding familiar. I looked up and said a prayer thanking God for his one Son that he gave us. Now I barely have a morning that I don’t see the sun and thank God for all that he has done! Kinda of like this morning as I'm watching the sun rise above the mountains- I remember there is but one Son.

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