And just like that the rabbit is gone....

Sunday, April 1, 2018

I've got to be really honest about something...  I've always had a hard time with Easter.  I struggle with all the candy, the eggs, the hunts, the rabbit.  I personally feel that where I'm from we spend more time dying eggs than remembering who died. We take more time creating a pretend story of a rabbit, than retelling the story of a Savior.  Now don't get me wrong if you love eggs and rabbits,  I pass no judgement. Some of my best friends dye eggs.  (Insert really cheesy smile here) But for me, it's a personal conviction that I want my kids to focus on just Jesus.

I don't want Him to have share this time with anyone- not even a rabbit.  I always imagined him being kinda jealous me and the Easter bunny.  (Deuteronomy 2:4, Psalm 78:58)  In the past we let the kids hunt eggs, and dye them.  I don't feel like they are going to go to hell over it over it or anything.  I don't feel like we need to repent or throw stones, or eggs, to those who celebrate these traditions  It has been an American tradition with our family for years, and being with family is so very, very  important to us so we let the kids participate.  We have fun and we laugh and take pictures, but inside I always have this weird feeling that maybe this isn't for me.

Now by this point, I know I've probably insulted someone and I'm sorry- just speaking from my personal conviction and now I'm getting to my point... This year has been wonderful.  Here we are in Latin America at language school. We are preparing for the mission field, while we are on the mission field.

This year there has not been a single egg in the store, no baskets, no bunnies, no cute little ducks, no Peeps, no chocolate.   It's a Catholic continent and so the focus here is different.  The main focus is, get this.... Jesus.  It's only Jesus.  He gets parades, and schools even shut down.  And maybe even fireworks, (either that or there is one killer party outside). 

All that to be said, that this year no matter where we go people talk about Semana Santa (Holy Week) It's been wonderful with Jesus getting all the attention. And honestly my kids haven't missed the rabbit. Last night after we watched the Prince of Egypt and then read the story of the Crucifixion, my kids scuttled off to bed with a joy that Jesus will arise in the morning.  My daughter dressed up like Maria Santa (Mary)  and rocked baby Jesus (which happened to be a Disney Princess doll) and told her baby how he would die someday for her.

I love that there little eyes have only been fixed on what thing this season.  Will it be different next year who knows?  Will an egg appear today? Possibly, and I'm really okay with that.  But for now I'm giving thanks that this year the rabbit was gone and it has been only Jesus-- because in the end it will only ever be Jesus.

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