The sowing of consequences....

Friday, March 23, 2018

Both of my kids are full of joy and energy and mischief especially my youngest Norah.  She is four and is still at that age where she believes in absolute and total reckless abandon.  Having fun is at the top of her list.  The list includes coloring on the walls, coloring on herself, lathering herself in make up, and most recently bathing in all of her perfumes.  It always ends in a huge mess. We always correct her and have to pick up the mess, usually together and then some . sort of correction always follows.  There are tears and always learning (usually for both of us)

Looking back at my life I have plenty of these moments myself, whether it be as a kid, teen or adult.  Some are a lot messier than others . Sin is easy. Why wouldn't it be?  That is what the enemy wants, to lure us in with the sweet taste of a good time.  Unfortunately, eventually the reaping of sin leads to the sowing of consequences.
The people are like this in 2 Kings 23.  Josiah, is good king in a line of many bad.  Israel has rebelled against God for generations. They have worshiped false gods, refused to obey the ways God asked them, mocked prophets and well, pretty much made an absolute mess. God over and over sent reminders asking them to come back. Yet they continued to sow into their sin.  Josiah was left to try and clean up the mess, yet no matter what the reaping was about too come.

When I was younger I remember sitting and the doctors office during a season of rebellion-- a complicated story for another day. There was a mute of words as he said "HPV" and turned to "Stage 1 cervical cancer."  I had never heard of half of what he said, but in a nutshell,  my lifestyle created an ideal location for the virus to grow.  It took two surgeries and lots of medicine to remove both the HPV and cancer.  It lead to one of the many reasons my body can't sustain a pregnancy.  
Our sin has consequence, whether in this life or the next.  The consequence of a failed marriage, a lost job, a lost friend. The consequence of failed relationships, disappointment.  It's hard to clean it up- hard to face up and begin to sow good seed.

How are the seeds your sowing?   Normally, we can tell by the harvest we are reaping.... It's not too late.  I'm so thankful for a loving God who is waiting for us. He rallies us towards his Spirit in spite of our rebellion.  He calls to us across the shore.  He is calling to you and to me, to plant our good seeds and create a harvest that is blessed with his bounty.

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