And So It Begins

Saturday, March 3, 2018

So, I know that there is pressure regarding your first blog from the field. What is it going to say, and what will the world hear?  Really, for me there is no pressure.  I have no intentions of becoming famous for this, nor do I believe this will ever be more than a place I can come to find peace.

I need a place to be heard, a place to breath in the day and let out my thoughts.  I need a place to be free to speak about the hard things, without too much judging.  I need a place to be real.

Too often we as women try to protect our thoughts, or maybe just me.  We are afraid to share our struggles in fear of judgements.  We want people to think the best of us, when in reality we are screaming to say more.

So, this is my place.  It’s my place to find myself. It’s a place I can come to to write about the gentle way God whispers to me, to declare the glory of God’s triumph of the enemy, to be real about the challenges of life, and to just sit back and be me.  

If you stumble across my blog, I hope you find peace in a place where realness matters and God is present.

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