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Tuesday, March 27, 2018

In Latin America it's Semana Santa, or to the rest of the world-- Holy Week.  Normally I am completely crazy with everything back home. There are egg hunts, and easter dresses, and easter suits, and meal plans and travels and, and, and...

This is different though. The world spins more slowly here and the world spins where my eyes are focused on just one thing-- Jesus. The one and only amazing Savior of the World. The Lamb of God. The Messiah. We know the names, but do we really know the names?  Do we forget the absolute beauty of who he is?

This morning I want to talk about the famous story of Jesus' triumphal entry into Jerusalem.   For us Christians, it's the beginning of Holy Week. We know it as Palm Sunday.  Jesus asked his disciples to go into the village and buy a donkey.  He then rode the donkey into Jerusalem.   There was a large crowd there who saw him and made a way for him. The people laid down their coats and ripped palm leaves off trees. They acknowledged Jesus as King in those moments.  We can read the whole story in Matthew 21.  It was a time where the crowds shouted, "Hosanna!"  It was the highest praise.

I wonder what that would like like today.  Would our intention be to worship Jesus?  Would it be to give him the highest honor?  Would we make that moment about him?  I would hope we could, but I wonder instead if our backs would be turned as we would try to get a selfie?  Would we be more concerned with a hashtag for the moment, than capturing the moment with the King? Would we be scrolling through Facebook to see if our friends liked the picture, or if others checked in at Jerusalem?

You see, this week I began to see again with fresh eyes that this week is simply about Jesus.  It's about who he was and who he is today. It's a week to get lost in the simplicity of uncensored, unfiltered pure love and and admiration to the King of Kings.  How can we worship him more this week?  What can you do to show your love for him?  Not because it's necessary, but because it's genuine.

It's beautiful to sit in the the moment and breath in his name-- Jesus.  Say it... Jesus. Say it out loud... Jesus. Do you feel his power and his love?  He's here and he deserves our highest praise.  He deserves our voices shouting, "Hosanna! Glory to God in highest..." Now is the time the time to shout, "Hosanna!"

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