You are set apart...

Monday, March 5, 2018

A week ago I was letting the enemy win. He will destroy us if we let him, you know? I had crawled into this darkness of feeling rejected-and tossed aside. To be honest I was not doing well here, my heart ached and I was lonely for friends. Everyday I felt like I was being pushed further and further away from the people here.

I have always struggled with feeling like no one liked me and the enemy knew all to well to play that card from the moment I arrived. I heard him whisper to me all the things I am not and I knew that in fact I do come up short. It was a bad place to be and in this new place with new language, new culture and new people it’s even harder. I was defeated and broken.

Then on Tuesday I felt God lift my face and whisper my name. I heard him say your are not set aside- you are set apart. He reminded me he makes up for what I can’t be, and although I am not- He is. It’s amazing how God can so quickly lift a burden. 

Did my circumstance change? No, nothing has changed the past few days except I am no longer loosing to the enemy. 

I am once again reminded I am enough, that with Jesus I am always loved, always accepted, always invited in. I am okay and that with God there is always enough. Thankful for the God I serve and the amazing people that I get to do life with, here and and at home.

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