I could best be described as a shy, extrovert (and YES- that is possible).  I love people and being out, but hate being the first to talk.  It’s a tough personality I bare, along with an ENTJ personality.  I need a place to be real, to say how I feel and a place where maybe someone might listen.  

If you want to know more about me, you seriously just need to read the blog.  My life is a complicated mess with some hard-to-explain-hard backstories, but with God’s abundant grace lathered all over it.  I hope you are okay with raw and real, because this is my place to let it all out.  I am hoping you have time to sit down with a cup of coffee, laugh a little, cry a little and be assured that God is ALWAYS Good.

So, I'm not sure what you want to know about me.  I'm a Kansas girl, well-- sorta.  I spent most of my life there and it's the place I call home.   I'm not too young anymore, so I like to think I've been seasoned well. My family and I are missionaries to Latin America, Click here if you want to know      more about our ministry.

I love a good cup of coffee and a meaningful conversation.  I'm not one for small talk, but I enjoy experiencing life and meeting incredible people.  I love love adventure so I'm always looking for the next unique place.

My favorites: French Fries, Twizzlers, The Office, 80's Rock,  soulful worship, and of course... Jesus!

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