Fruit For the Family- A Learn & Do Bible Project

Sunday, March 22, 2020

We have an opportunity as moms and dads to invest in the time we have with our kids right now. Just because we are sheltering in place doesn't mean we can't still make great memories. That's why I created a 9 day Learn & Do Bible Project for you and your family. Adapted for all ages, and will get you all talking about how we can be people of Godly Character.
I promise these daily projects will get in the word, and create memories during the weeks ahead. No videos, not me talking to you each day-- just creative ways you can engage and challenge your kids in the Word.
Each morning, check out how you can walk with your kids in today's fruit. Then check back if you want to see our family's challenges. Be sure to check each morning to see what great things are ahead.

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