Row it, Build it, burn it.

Friday, January 20, 2017

It has been such a crazy 3 months and we have let our writing fall wayside.  How do we begin to explain our lives and this amazing ride that has already begun.  I keep racking my brain just waiting, and all I can think of is boats. And then as I continue to pray God just keeps showing me all the ways they point to exactly what our life has been like. 

You know that old children's song, "Row, Row, Row your boat?"  It's one of the first songs we teach our kids, but I never stopped to wonder why.  It's the determination.  Rowing is hard, and even harder when it's a team thing- a family thing--a God thing.  You see we are coming to realize that when we are in this boat our dreams are in someone else’s hands and His dreams are in ours.  It takes endurance to row and lots of training.  God continues to remind us to not grow weary (Gal. 6:9), and we must continue to grow and train with God, or we will never have the strength to make it.  Pray for us as we continue to row towards His calling in our lives.  Row with us as we move toward the shore.


So, we honestly are begining to see what life might have looked for Noah building his boat.  No, I'm not talking about the corruption, but seriously-- the looks.  Here is a Godly man, and God said, "I need to you to build a giant boat, and I am going to make water fall from the sky, and well it will cover the entire earth......" and we know the story.  So, here is Noah doing crazy things because God called him to do some incredibly scary, crazy things-- yet he built it.  The last few months we understand the looks from some, and the people thinking we maybe crazy.  There is one thing we know though... When God says build the boat- you build the boat.  God tells us to do the impossible, becuase he is a God that makes all things possible.   Pray for us as we build our boat.


In 1519,  Cortés landed in South America to begin his great conquest. Upon arriving, he gave the order to his men to burn the ships.  Faith is always easier with Plan B.  You see we have His plan and our back up plan.  It's easy to retreat when the going gets hard when you have that as an option. It’s our safety net “just in case…” What we fail to do is honestly complete that sentence. We lie to ourselves. If we were honest, we would say, “This is my safety net just in case I get scared.”   Our family is burning boats in each moment in this journey: Putting for sale childhood memories, family desires, and things we just genuinly love.  God says over and over again, "Do NOT be afraid..." almost 100 times in the Bible and gently reminds us to remain faithful.  We prayfully remain faithful with each boat that is burned, knowing He holds our future.

We can not wait to see the shore in this journey, and are so blessed to have so many row with us.  Thank you for rowing with us.  Pray for 2017 and the many boats that come our way.  We will be praying for your boats too!

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