The Christmas Story: Hope to those facing infertility

Saturday, December 22, 2018

This is one of those times when I go back and reread this every year.  A reminder of God's faithfulness.  When it seems so long before we would get children, and now here we are celebrating with our two beautiful kids. .....

We all know—Christmas is upon.  It is advent and the time when we celebrate the birth of our Savior.  This season many have talked about how we celebrate his arrival on the dark, starry night.  We understand that although we celebrate knowing he came once, we can wait in anticipation that Christ the Lord will come again.  He has left so much to remind us of His short time on earth.
It has been during the past few weeks that I feel the Spirit guiding me and opening my eyes to things I needed to hear.  Many know that my husband and I are eagerly waiting the birth and arrival of a child.  No—we are not pregnant, but we have been trying to adopt again for three years.  Now I know what you’re thinking… What on earth does the Nativity Story have to do with adoption?  We’ll let me tell you.
First of all, for all of you in the same place as we are know that God keeps his promises.  He promised the world that Christ would come.  The world waited, and many in the Bible cried out eagerly awaiting the arrival of a child.  Now if God will keep his promises to the world, wouldn’t he keep his promise to us?   God promises to us that we will have our hearts desire (Psalms 20:4), that we will have whatever we ask in his name (John 14:14) and that he is faithful (Hebrews 10:23).  Just as the world awaited Jesus’ birth, we can have hope that God will to send us a child.
Through the years my husband and I wonder and wait as our file keeps getting passed by.  I stare at the pages of our portfolio and wonder why?  Why would we not be chosen to receive a child?  Maybe we are not rich enough, live in the right house, live in the right town.  Maybe it’s because we are too young or too old. 
Sometimes the mind wonders with worry, but this Christmas season I have found comfort.  God did not send His son into the world to be raised by the rich.  He did not Him to be born and raised into a life of luxury.  He didn’t even care how old his parents were.  Mary is said to be between 13-14.  Elizabeth and Zechariah were much too old to have children, or so they thought.
 The one thing we can take away from Christ’s chosen parents is that they were normal.  Maybe even a little poor.  In Luke we read how Mary and Joseph had no money for an expensive offering; instead they offered a bird up to God.   God doesn’t care how much money we make, our age, or where we live (Jesus was born in a manger). We can find comfort that God doesn’t discriminated but waits for the perfect child to be given.  Mary and Joseph were chosen to receive Christ.  In adoption, we can also know that we have already been chosen to receive God’s blessing.  It might not happen in our timing, but it will happen.  God doesn’t care if you are 14 or 30!  When he has chosen a child—it will happen.
I cannot image the pain Mary and Joseph experienced as they took the journey of Mary’s pregnancy.  Mary risked being stoned.  Joseph faced ridicule.  They were shamed.  They felt alone.  They traveled a long hard journey.   The road of adoption is much the same.  It is a long hard journey.  It’s not an easy one.  So many people don’t understand, yet you push on.  You might feel ashamed because your womb is empty, alone in journey.  As I read their story I find comfort in knowing that God sometimes allows the road to be hard.  God sometimes allows the pain of the journey—but as we see in their story, there is hope.  Hope that it will all be worth it in the end.
In spite of it all, Christ was born!  Amen!  Christ came into this world and the world received the greatest gift of all—salvation.  As we wait, we can know that we too will receive a child and they will be the answered prayers—a gift from a good and faithful God.  We cannot get discouraged.  We cannot give up hope.  God has been faithful before, and he will continue to be faithful time and time again.  As Christmas is upon us and you need rest from the adoption journey, we can find comfort in the journey of our Savior and the journey of His parents.   We can rejoice in the birth of our Lord, eagerly waiting his return.  We can also rejoice that God always follows through, and that our story will be a testimony to His greatness.  Our story will be a miracle of God grace.  Find comfort this season in the love of our God, and the joy in the birth of Christ Jesus, and know that God’s timing is always perfect.
Merry Christmas and a blessed New Years.

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