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Wednesday, April 4, 2018

It's so easy at language school to get completely wrapped up in the language.  I mean that is the reason we are here.  We could study 16 hours a day.  We could practice, we could plan... but is that really what God desires?  Is our language study really suppose to be all consuming?

I love being a mom!  I think I could easily just fall into a Pinterest coma and craft away my life with my kids.  I love the giggles.  I love games.  I love the memories.  I could easily spend 16 hours a day investing with my kids.  We could play, we could sing... but is that really what God desires?  Is motherhood really suppose to be all consuming?

I love serving.  I think I could get lost in service.  Kelly and I used to spend our date times volunteering for our favorite non-profits.  There is something about sore feet and aching bones from a day of hard work for Jesus that makes my soul smile.  I could easily spend 16 hours a day serving others.  We could scrub, we could cook... but is that really what God desires?  Is serving really suppose to be all consuming?

Is preaching or leading or missions or teaching suppose to be all consuming?  I know that we all know that answer, yet why do we feel the need to do more and sit less.  Why is it that we somehow justify our good acts as a quality time setting at the feet of Jesus?

Now, I'm not saying we can't be Martha.  I think in a different life I could have been a Martha.  In Luke 10 we find these two sisters:

Jesus and his disciples go to Bethany, which is just a few miles north of Jerusalem.  Here they stop by Mary & Martha's home.  (By the way they have a brother named Lazarus, whom Jesus later raises from the dead).  If you remember, Mary just sat at the feet of Jesus and listed while Martha kept on preparing and serving the group.  Martha finally got flustered and blurted out to Jesus that Mary wasn't helping with anything.

"Martha, Martha," the Lord answered, "you are worried and upset about many things, but few things are needed—or indeed only one. Mary has chosen what is better, and it will not be taken away from her."
You see it was all about the priorities of the two sisters. There is nothing wrong with cleaning and cooking. We have to and it's very necessary, but it can not and should consume us.  It consumed Martha.  Her focus shifted too far.  She cared more about serving that setting.  God gave us our passions for a reason.  He wants us to learn, and be moms, and serve.  He is asking you to teach or bake, but you see we have to find a balance.  When we spend more time serving than sitting, we no longer are keeping God the priority.  
God doesn't need us to to work ourselves dry.  This a marathon, not a sprint.  He needs us to stay healthy and that means keeping focused on him. We must learn to sit at his feet even when there are ways to serve him.  That's the heart of who he is-- to love on us and pour into us.  And he can't love on us, if we don't sit still long enough to listen and pour into us his desires and purpose.
If the things that we are doing for God, are keeping you from time with God then we must prune ourselves-- or God will. We must find the time to sit with purpose and know that serving with always be there.  God is big enough to make sure we have time to sit. So, let go for a moment. Carve out 20 minutes- read a little, pray a little, sing a little and enjoy the time with the very one we made time for everything else.

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