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Thursday, April 12, 2018

Habakkuk is a prophet of the Old Testament. It's one of those little books we overlook.  One thing the prophet is remembered for is questioning God’s wisdom.  (Probably, not the best way to be remembered)  He didn’t understand why evil persisted and why evil people seemed to prosper.  In Habakkuk 3:16-19 we read about his newly gained confidence that God is sufficient.  In this passage he is reminded of God’s strength in the history of Israel.  I think it's crazy to think that Habakkuk is left physically weak from his meeting with God.  I mean I would be weak to, and probably loose all control of bodily functions.-- Sorry, just being real.   He is waiting for Judah’s invasion and Babylon’s subsequent fall.   Habakkuk shows his faith in verse seventeen by pointing out that even if everything is going wrong, the Lord will bring you through it.  Habakkuk finds his strength in the Lord.

I love this passage because allows met to see how this prophet’s faith and trust has grown.  In the beginning of the chapter Habakkuk questions God.  But now we see through this verse that his faith in God is strong.  This passage is important because it teaches that faith triumphs over doubt.  It allows us remember that sometimes God may not answer us like the way we want.  He did not answer Job either, but he shows his strength.  God is holy, does care and will act as He sees fit, but only in His time.
For me this passage reminded me that sometimes it’s only when we have nothing left that we learn to trust God.  You say you trust him, but when the job is gone, the money depleted- you learn to truly learn to trust him, because you are no longer relying on yourself.  Sometimes God has to take extreme measures to get our attention.  In the end we learn that with God, all things are possible.  This passage reminds me about those times in our life we crawl to the alter and renew our strength with the blood of Jesus.
When you meditate on this passage and understand the whole chapter you appreciate Habakkuk’s honesty.  You can relate to this passage because most Christians at some point hit this point.  I know I have, have you?

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