Not today...

Friday, April 6, 2018

Whew girl!  You ever have one of the days where you have to remind yourself to count to 10?  I have decided the enemy will use whatever tactics he can to crawl under your skin.  He will even use those around you, to try to get to you.

Here's the thing... we all have those days.  Our inner rage boils,  we are practicing the art of learning to hold our tongue.

We have two options at this point we can let it get to us. We can react to a confrontational moment, or we can walk away knowing our God is bigger than that moment.  Gods bigger than that moment!!! Yes, it's hard sometimes but we have to learn who is in charge, who wears the pants. (And it's not me)  My God wears some pretty big pants, and I know that the enemy just tries to get on my nerves.

When these days happen- and they do; I have to speak truth.   I speak rruth to myself and truth to the situation.  Declare it out loud that God is bigger... Not Today Satan--- Not today

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