Thursday, April 5, 2018

My heart always has never grown roots.  Some people say they hear God best in their closet, some people hear him while they run, while they listen to music.... For me I always here God when I go.  When we are standing on the edge of a cliff, I hear him speak. When we are under the shade of his tree, I hear him whisper.   When our toes are sinking in the sand, I hear him laugh.  I hear God when I am out in His world.  It's my time where I feel closest to him.

I think this is why I'm a travel junkie.  Not for exotic places necessarily, but for all the places that he has made.  Anyone who knows me, know's I'm extremely cheap. I'm always looking for the best way to experience the world and spend little money.  Missionaries don't really make any money, so we are always looking for what to do that is free and cheap.  But so much of the world is outside a park, outside of tourism.  It's around the corner, it's where the locals are, it's where you find people doing life.

I recently came across a German word (I know I'm learning Spanish) and it seemed to describe so clearly the words I feel.  The word is Fernweh, which literally translates to distance-sickeness (fern meaning distance and wehe meaning drift).   It's an ache to want to get away.

I think this is why I am Fernweh so often.  I long to feel the closeness of God, and he feels closest in those places that seem so far away.  Away from the city and into the river, the mountains, the valleys.  He moves with the gentle curves of the plaines and He reaches the tall snow capped peaks.  Fernweh-  it's my word today

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