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Friday, March 30, 2018

"It was kinda a mission trip,  thats why I went.  I mean it didn't have that much religious stuff.  I just built houses..."  These are the words my husband and I heard while we were traveling outside of San Jose.   A group of college kids were walking and talking- and to be honest I was eavesdropping.

As these words came out of his mouth, my head in a matrix style, slow motion screamed, "NOOOOooo!"  And my heart shattered.  What are we doing here, what are we doing to the next generation?  What is it that people think missions is about?

I'm going to sound a little angry, so tuck your feet under your chairs and hold on tight, because this might sound a little mean.  If you are supporting a missionary because they only build houses, or teach in schools, or feed poor people you are missing the boat.   Or even worse you are in the wrong boat. To be perfectly honest, Kelly and I are not focused on these things. Sure within our sending organization we are helping to establish and maintain schools, adding clean drinking water, and making friendships.  Yes, we do these things, but ONLY as the avenue to present the gospel.  If we are not sharing Jesus with every brick, every lesson, every meal it is not worth doing.

What good is a beautiful earthly home, if they are condemned to spend eternity in hell? What good is an academic education, if they never learn the gospel?  What good is feeding a belly, if we are not feeding a soul?  You see too often our compassion compels us to only see the now, and we too often loose sight of the later--the eternity.  The later is the true reason for missions.  It's the heart of Jesus and why he came here. It  was solely to seek and save the lost!  (Luke 19:10)  Every act of compassion Jesus performed was a way to draw people closer to Him and it always pointed people to know him and seek salvation.

It's the reason Jesus died on the cross!  Its the reason we celebrate and remember Good Friday.  On this day, Jesus became a sacrifice. He gave his life so that we don't have suffer in eternity. We don't have to be separated from God.

Missions is about the longevity of the gospel.  Missions is about the heartbeat of God, saving them... not for this world, but from this world.  Its a way to pull people out of the miry clay they are trapped in and put there feet on solid ground.  We will NEVER fix all the problems here,  but we can lead people to a place without them.

Missions should always be about Jesus.  If we are not somehow leading the lost to the cross-- is it really missions?  If we are not sharing the gospel, we are just another nonprofit, just another NGO.

My heart cries today for the people who are not hearing this message. They are sitting in a new home with packets of food, but are still spiritually starving condemned to an eternal home full of suffering.   Today is a day to remember why we do missions. Why we share the Good News.  Whey we must be missionaries that lead teams with purpose and always create opportunities to reunite all people with the God who loves them.

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