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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Let's face it-- we are all going to whether storms.   It's a fact of life.  A recent friend of mine preaching pointed out that we are either in a storm, coming out of one, or getting ready for one.  It's a guarantee that sooner or later something hard is going to knock you down.

It might be heavy rain like a death or a diagnose; or it might be subtle like a troubled marriage, difficulty at work, or problems with the kids.  Regardless, the weather is always changing.  It's so easy that when we find ourselves in these times that we cry out to God.  We plead and beg.  We ask for answers that we don't get, and when we don't hear back we get upset. When his timing is not our timing or hearts too often begin to change. We take our eyes off of Him and begin to look at ourselves.  

When the waters are smooth it is easy to worship, but we tend to whine about the rough waters.  What I noticed in the Bible is that whining never strengthens us.  Take Paul and Silas, for example.  These two men were doing great traveling with the direction of the Holy Spirit. They just get done leading an incredible awakening in Philippi, when the devil unleashes his schemes.  Paul and Silas are beaten, arrested, and thrown into prison. Nowhere does it say in Acts 16 that these two wallowed in pity, whining to God about their circumstances.  NO, instead it says in verse 25 that they began to pray and sing hymns to God.   Why?  Because there is power in worship.  We will never whether the storms whining,  but instead we must learning to worship God through all seasons.  

When we sing of his praise, when we magnify his name we do more than just worship. Our worship carves out room in our heart. Worship writes the affirmations we need so we can remember the power and love of our deliver. Our whining does the opposite, it slowly erases our memory of our powerful God.  Worship enables us to see our creator for all of his power and glory.  

Now, I'm not saying we can never cry out to God-- that's just silliness. David cried to God. (Just read Psalms) We just can't let our whining outweigh our worship, that's when the enemy grabs ahold of us.  When we find ourselves in that whining funk, turn on your favorite playlist, get down on your knees and remind the enemy just who he is messing with with pure and total worship

Here are my top 5 worship your way out of whining songs:
1.  It is Well by Bethel Music & Kristene DiMarco
2. Sing, Sing, Sing by Chris Tomlin   
3. The Great I AM by New Life Worship
4. Remind Me Who I Am by Jason Gray
5.  I Will Look Up by Reston Bible Church

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