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Thursday, March 29, 2018

Life will always be crazy. I'm convinced that we will never have enough time to do it all. What I'm learning is that although we can't do it all, we can do a few things great.  Kelly and I work hard, we minister hard, and right now we study hard.  It's just we are, but life is not always about how hard we work.  Our lives become a rhythm that we dance too, whether quickly or slowly.  Every family has a beat, it's what makes us work together.  It's finding our rhythm and dancing to it.

What I'm learning is that real joy does not come from the notes in our beat.   It's found in the moments between the notes.  It's the rests. The rests in life like the twirling of your little girl in her princess gown, the epic duel with your ten year old in Mario Kart, or cooking dinner together with our husband.  Its the moments where we rest with each other that matter the most.

Kelly and I recently got out of rhythm.  It could have been a move to another country and completely diving into the deep end of a pool called language and culture without knowing how to swim. What ever the reason, our rhythm was off and in our family and you could tell. The kids were a hot, hot mess and to be honest- so were we.  Why is it that when we need each other the most, we rip each other apart?  Kelly and I fought more  in our first month here, than we had in years.

One day a few months ago we had to hit the pause button, and look at what was needed. We needed a better rhythm and we needed to find our pauses.   We decided that each Tuesday we would invest in our kids.  Simple ideas that each week, each of us would take one of the kids for ice cream or a drink and we'd listen.   The next week we'd switch.

Let me just say that the past two months of been wonderful!  The kids love Talk Time now, and we have gained so much from investing true time with our kids.  We promise them no errands or work, no phones-- just them and us talking about life and laughing.  Our son has really opened up the past two weeks,  our daughter plans ahead to the date.

I'm not saying we all need Talk Time, but we do need rests .  There is not a right answer, as long as we are resting and growing. As long as our rhythm works well for our families.  For me, my rest has been in our Tuesday conversations, lunch dates with my husband, and blogging for myself.  My rest is found in the morning with Jesus.  Rests to find each other and ourselves.  How do you find rest with your children?  Rest with your husband?  With yourself?

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