The ants go marching...

Friday, March 9, 2018

I have always been a busy person.  I am super woman!  Not really, but I like to believe I am swooping in to the save they day with my multi-tasking abilities.  Personally, I have always related to Mary and well, Martha (I'll just live it there)-- I have to really stop myself when people are too hard on poor Mary.  Really, I do believe it's a gift that God gave me.  Not bragging, but my husband and I always do well balancing many plates.  I'm kinda like this amazing ants we ran across today: busy, busy, busy.  They have a task, are focused, and are driven. There is no stopping them from their work.

Then we moved to Costa Rica and everything changed.  We went from balancing 9 different plates to to carrying only one. On some days even that one plate is being carried by our professors of Spanish.  It's everything I am not, and my insides scream for busy, but then we have moments where I hear God and see him.  He sees me.   A quick trip to the store turns into a family stroll.  We go from grabbing some milk to milking up moments with each other . 

The realization hit me tonight when we turned the corner coming up from shopping, which by the way is a 20 minutes walk uphill both ways carrying all your groceries.  There we were laughing and attempted to talk in our Spanglish, Norah is skipping, and Zander is sucking down .a fruit pouch, and it hit me.  I'm not busy!  I have time for this.  I have time to stop and see the sun hit the mountains at just the right time.  I have time to to watch the ants scuttle up the tear, focused on their work.

I will always be a busy person.  It's the way I know that God made me, but God also made be to see the goodness He made.  We all have to find that balance, and here in language school I am learning so much more than just Spanish and culture.  I'm learning to see the good in every moment.  It is possible to appreciate the business of the ants while embracing the slowly setting sun, after all God did create both and didn't he say "It is good?"

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